• What is the goal of the Training Program?

    The goal of the training program is to help individuals to start a rewarding career in information technology.

  • Who should join the training?

    Anyone interested in starting a new career in IT and want to put an effort for that can join the training program. Also, individuals who are already working in IT but want to enhance their expertise in a specific field can join the program as well.

  • What is the length of the Training Program?

    The length of the program is 3 months, excluding the interview preparation. Students need to attend interview sessions after all the classes are finished.

  • How is the job market for IT?

    Information technology has a huge job market in the USA.

  • When the new batch is starting and when I can join?

    You can find the new class starting date in the upcoming classes page in our website. Also, you can call our office or visit our office to know about the new course.
    If you want to start right away and don't want to wait for a new batch to get started, you can do that as well. All our classes are recorded and uploaded in our online learning portal and once you registrar for the course you can study by yourself by watching the classes that you missed and catch up with the running classes. You can also get help in weekly review sessions.

  • What is the mode of class, can I join online if I don't live near the office?

    You can join in-class in our office location or online from anywhere in the world.

  • Can I join if I don't have any information technology experience in school or job?

    The program is tailored in a way that anyone having or not having any IT experience can join. The individuals need to be ready to put an effort into learning and have a strong interest in making a career in IT.

  • Can I repeat the course?

    If you registrar once, you can repeat the course as many times it is required for you.

  • How can I get a job after the training?

    Job placement service will guide you through the whole process of job searching, getting interviewed and start your new job.

  • What is the cost of the training and job placement service?

    Please call or visit our office for training and job placement service cost or send an email to info@agile1tech.com.