Database Fundamentals (SQL) & API Testing

Much of the world's data resides in databases. SQL (or Structured Query Language) is a powerful language which is used for communicating with and extracting data from databases. The purpose of this course is to introduce relational database concepts and help you learn and apply foundational knowledge of the SQL language. The emphasis in this course is on hands-on and practical learning. Through a series of hands-on labs you will practice building and running SQL queries. No prior knowledge of databases, SQL, Python, or programming is required.

Database Fundamentals Course Content

Module 1

- What is database application?

- Back end vs. front end testing         

Module 2

- Database components

- Database type          

Module 3

- Introduction to Oracle database

- Database testing phase       

Module 4

- Testing methodologies

- Structural database testing

- Functional database testing

Module 5

- SQL coding standard

- SQL Basics – Select, Insert, Update, Delete

Module 6

- Select statement to test data

- Insert statement to generate data  

Module 7

- Update and delete statement to test application accuracy

- Test data integrity   

Module 8

- Joining tables

- Using SQL queries for data verification      

Module 9

- Concurrency issues

- Database objects     

Module 10

- Views

- Indexes

- Stored procedure     

Module 11

- Triggers

- Defined functions

- Schema test 

Module 12

- Keys and indexes

- Integration test for server

- Test back-end via front end