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Database Administration (DBA)

In the present computerized world, DBAs are in extreme interest to guarantee organizations can undoubtedly get to data on desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phone applications. DBAs are additionally being hired to make intense databases that can withstand the risk of cyber security breaches. Database administrations are exceedingly prepared tech masters who use bleeding edge software to store and organize their organizations all the information.

If any IT employment can be viewed as secure, you would figure it would be that of a database administrator. All things considered, the U.S. Authority of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook gauges an 11 percent expansion in DBA work from 2014 to 2024. That is a quicker rate than the normal for all occupations, and only a tick beneath the 12 percent development rate anticipated by the office for all IT employments.

Regardless where a database administrator chooses to work, the wages are decent, especially when compared to many other computer-based occupations. Combining potential wages with the good employment outlook for a database administrator makes database administration a very striking career.

Database Administration (DBA) Course Content

Module 1

- Database (DB) Administration Overview

- DB Components

- Oracle Architecture & Software Installation

- DB Creation

- Understanding configuration of Pfile and SPfile

- Database Startup and Shutdown procedures

- Managing Alert log file and Trace files

Module 2

- Background Processes

- Data Dictionary Tables and Views

- Managing Tablespaces and Datafiles

- Database Users Administration

- Managing Online Redo log files

- Database archive management

- Managing control files

Module 3

- Managing Undo Segments and Tablespaces

- Backup Restore and Recovery

- Physical backup Case studies

- Logical Backup case studies

- Configuration and understanding of RMAN

Module 4

- Database Cloning and Refresh (Traditional and RMAN)

- Data-guard Configuration and Management

- Flashback Technologies

- Database Patching

- Database Upgrade