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Automation Testing (Selenium)

The automation testing training program is designed to give you complete knowledge of software testing technology that is currently used in USA and worldwide. The course offers learning technologies such as java, selenium, TestNG, Cucumber, Maven, Git, and Jenkins. The course will be appropriate for learners who want to take software testing as their long term career goals. This course starts from very basics of programming using java and ends up in creating full-fledged automation testing framework using selenium, TestNG/Cucumber, Maven. Students with no or little programming experience can attend the course. Software testers currently working in the industry can also attend the course to enhance their skills on the following tools.

Automation Testing Course Content

Module 1

- Automation testing as a testing techniques - Advantage & disadvantage

- Regression and Functional testing

Module 2

- Automation Testing overview

- Selenium IDE

- Objects/Elements Finding Techniques

Module 3

- Programming Basic

- Java Language Basic

Module 4

- Configuring automation environment (JDK, Eclipse)

- Data type, Conditional Statement, Looping

Module 5

- Architecture of Selenium WebDriver

- Configuration of WebDriver

Module 6

- Familiar with Selenium libraries

- Basic Locating techniques for objects/elements

- Basic commands to invoke browsers

Module 7

- Familiarity with Testing Framework, Junit, TestNG

- Familiarity with different objects

Module 8

- Object handling basic Techniques

- Advance Locating Techniques

Module 9

- Setting up Automation Scenario

- Cross browser testing

Module 10

- Learning to use Apache POI for data driven

- Data driven code explanation

- Intermediate topics on Java Objects, Class, Method

Module 11

- In depth discussion on TestNG

- Creating framework using TestNG

- Pass/Fail scenario creation

Module 12

- Creating automation script results

- How to create organized and effective script

- Maven and Ant for Testing Framework

Module 13

- How continuous integration and Version Control can help

- Familiarity with Jenkins and Git

Module 14

- Advance Automation techniques

- Problem solving Techniques for Automation Script

Module 15

- Behavior Driven Development- BDD

- Configure and Use Cucumber

Module 16

- Familiarity with API Testing

- Setting up SOAPUI for API Testing

- Manual and Automation API Testing